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Now that we have a better understanding of how your target audience is searching, it’s time to put it into practice. There is a simple outline to follow for applying your keyword research. Firstly, if you survey your keywords and group those with similar topics and intent. Then secondly, evaluate the SERP for each keyword or group of keywords. Once you’ve done these two things you can ask ‘what unique value could I offer to make my page better than the pages that are currently ranking for my keyword’.

It will benefit your website more if you create content that is directed at helping answer searchers’ questions that will better guide them through your site, helping them understand your sites purpose. If you create content purely for the purpose of ranking highly in searching, you will risk falling into the trap of low-value content tactics. These tactics include creating thin content, duplicating content, cloaking, keyword stuffing and auto-generated content. They are outlined further in the post, and each one provides a description and why they should be avoided.

So lets look at something called 10x content, that will assist in giving your page a better search ranking. If you aim to create a page on a keyword that is 10x better than the pages that are already being shown in the search results for that keyword, naturally you will get people linking to it. It can be hard work to achieve this, but if done well it can result in organic traffic to your page.

Some of the other important factors to think about when it comes to optimising your page, that go beyond just the content. These include header tags, internal links, link accessibility, anchor text, link volume, redirection, image optimisation and alt text. It’s also a good idea to focus on what thumbnails are being used, as they can slow the page speed down, especially on an e-commerce site. The format of your page will also contribute to how accessible and readable it is.

There are quite a few factors that will determine what ranking your page will get under a google search. If you take the time to do research and break each element down as best you can, it will deliver better results.

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