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You might have created great content that answers the searchers’ questions, that search engines find easy to understand, however, those qualities alone won’t guarantee that your website will rank well. It’s now time to establish authority and outrank the rest. To do this, you need to earn links from authoritative websites. Trustworthy sites will tend to link to other trustworthy sites and spammy sites tend to link to other spammy sites. You might have noticed this when you’ve perhaps searched for ‘questionable material’ and you’ve been presented with a link that will take you to the millions of dollars you could win.

Inbound links are the currency of the internet and act a lot like real life reputation. They’re the backlinks or external links that point from website to another. Search engines treat these links as votes for popularity and importance on the web. Internal links connect internal pages of the same domain, and should there be a high amount of internal links pointing to a particular page on your site, it will signal to Google that the page is important.

There’s a great deal of importance put on the acronym E-A-T, which stands for expert, authoritative and trustworthy. If your site doesn’t display these characteristics, it can be seen as lower quality in the eyes of the engines. Creating a site based on the E-A-T concept will deliver better results and will allow your site to become future proof. You’ll also better the chances of having links from websites that display the same qualities and vice versa. You should strive to ensure your link profile is honest and earned via good, old fashioned hard work. This is where high quality content and the 10x method need to be utilised! Not to mention, dangerous tactics used to gain artificial links is against Google’s terms of service and can get a website deindexed. The main things to avoid when link building would be ; purchased links, link exchanges / reciprocal linking and low quality directory links.

So on the upside of that, links should always ; be earned / editorial, come from authoritative pages, increase with time, come from topically relevant sources, use relevant and natural anchor text (text that helps tell Google what the topic of your page is about), bring qualified traffic to your site, be a healthy mix of follow and nofollow and be strategically targeted or naturally earned. And if you do all of that and still didn’t see the number of backlinks come in that you were hoping for, ask yourself these questions ; did you create content that was 10x better than anything else out there? did you promote your content and how? how many links do you actually need? what was the quality of the links you received?

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